Watch the tutorial

Play the video for a short orientation on how to start a new game, add photos, comments and find notifications.

How does OuiSi work?

It's simple: create a new photologue by snapping something beautiful or intriguing that catches your eye, like a shadow on the sidewalk or a closeup of a raisin in your lunch. Then, invite friends to respond thoughtfully with photos based on what they see in their world - you can also select “Play Solo” to keep a photologue all to yourself. OuiSi holds space for a rich communication that unfolds between the photos themselves, stripping away the clutter of messages like texts and emojis. If you feel moved to applaud, comment on or contest what you see in the photologue, commenting is just a left-swipe away. The notifications panel available from the upper right of the main games view provides updates on new game invitations and recent photos and comments. Watch the tutorial on this page for a closer look.

I still don’t get it - what exactly is OuiSi?

OuiSi blends mindfulness, photography and wit, allowing you to create a stream of connected photos taken from daily life. In this photologue, each image links to the prior one in some way that can be justified creatively - like the shape of an evening’s crescent moon to the curl of a croissant at breakfast the next day. The connections are only limited by your imagination. OuiSi can be enjoyed with friends and family or on your own. Basically, it’s a matching game that uses all facets of photos to stretch your creative muscles and encourage communication with others and presence in the world in new ways.

Does OuiSi work for Android or on iPads?

It does not. We just launched with the app for the iPhone to begin testing how we might improve, but we hope to have versions out for other devices soon!

I don’t have a Facebook account or don’t like using Facebook to login to a new app. How do I login to OuiSi?

Currently, we have only enabled login through Facebook. We have done this mostly for safety and authentication reasons (e.g. we don’t store passwords). We look forward to offering more login options in the future so please check back for updates!

I’m not getting notified of updates happening in the OuiSi app.

Notification settings can be found in the main menu, accessible from the main games screen (burger icon, top left corner). From there, you can toggle the slider to provide your phone with OuiSi notifications. If you would rather halt notifications altogether, toggle to the off position.

How do I display location? I want to be able to share where I took the photos.

Location settings can be found in the main menu, accessible from the main games screen (burger icon, top left corner). From there, you can toggle the slider to display location, which will show on the photo detail screen. Turning on location display means that your GPS will be used to identify the city in which you have taken the photo. It does not display location retroactively.

Where do I find notifications of comments, new photos, or games?

Our notifications panel is accessible from the main games screen (OuiSi icon, top right corner). From there you can see updates made by other OuiSi players, including new game invitations and recent comments or photo posts. You can click from here directly to the latest content.

Does OuiSi retain any rights to my photos?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are written so that they are easy to understand and explain how we may use the images you upload. We believe in our users’ rights when it comes to the content they provide and we believe that our agreements reflect that commitment.

I still have questions. Whom do I contact?

Email us at and will do our best to find you an answer!